Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mark Herring and Equal Pay Day

Yes! Let me fix the last line for you, though: We can and must do better, and we can start by strengthening women's education and not closing Sweet Briar College.

“The Attorney General is concerned that the disruption and conflict engendered by challenges raised against the decision of the Sweet Briar Board of Directors to close Sweet Briar are counterproductive to protecting the interests of the public, the students, alumnae, faculty, administrators and staff of Sweet Briar, and other interested parties.”

Who are these "other interested parties," Mr. Attorney General?

I can guarantee that you are NOT protecting the interests of the public (did you read the Amherst County Mayor's letter?), the students (have you seen the banners?), alumnae (lawsuit), faculty (lawsuit), and staff (lawsuit). I do believe that leaves administrators and others.

On the one hand, you have 14,000+ women--and the parents, faculty, staff, and community who have worked to grow and nurture said women--working to #savesweetbriar.

On the other hand, you have 23 board members--with two men at the helm--and an unknown number of unknown stakeholders who are fighting their hardest to close the school for unknown reasons.

And you're working to protect the interests of whom, exactly?

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