Friday, April 10, 2015

An Open Letter to Mark Herring

Mr. Herring,

I am a constituent and a voter; a Democrat who helped to fund your campaign for AG; an alumna of Sweet Briar College.

I am extremely disappointed that you filed an amicus brief in support of the closure of Sweet Briar College. Please help me understand why you made this decision.

There are thousands of stakeholders--a large percentage of whom are your constituents--working non-stop to ‪#‎savesweetbriar‬. There are less than two dozen people fighting to close the college. Why? Mr. Jones and Mr. Rice have shown no transparency--which you claim to be one of your tenets--in this process.

"Attorney General Herring believes that transparency and accountability are keys to good governance. The people of Virginia have the right to know how their money is being spent and how this office is working on their behalf." The same holds true for the not-actually-voted-in president and Board of Directors of Sweet Briar.

It is the responsibility of the Board to protect the College, not destroy it. If they have given up on her, let them resign.

Make the right choice, Mr. Attorney General: enforce transparency; read the findings of the forensic accountant and the analysis of the Sax study; and redeem yourself in the eyes of those who funded and campaigned for you.

A Vixen Says Moo

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